Upgrades and mods

Car blog
Reversed pimpin' my cockpit
Plasma foils for my instruments
My latest project, the CarPC in my 525i
Upgrading a bordcomputer in a 520i (German text)
Blue instruments for my 525i
Blue LED's for the air-condition controller
Mount blue LED's in the bordcomputer
A "new" carhifi for my new 525i
Blue instruments for my 520i (old, German text)
A carhifi for my 520i (old, German text)


525i with m-technic body kit
525i in winter
Photoshooting, my new 525i
More pictures of my 520i
My first own car, a 520i


www.e34.de, german e34-community
www.e34.de/saar, local e34-community
www.car-pc.info, german carpc-community
www.mp3car.com, american carpc-community
www.gunnar525.de, e34-fanpage, many doc's and how to's
www.lemming525i.de, e34-fanpage, pictures
www.bmwe34.net, american e34-community